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Urbane products are made with premium hemp and eco-fabrics, custom-dyed, and manufactured in Los Angeles to support our local vendors and add timeless, sustainable products to the world. 



Hemp crops are one of the most ecological sound crops for the Earth

Aside from fertile soil, hemp requires only light and very little water (half as much as cotton). And, the crop can thrive without the use of chemical pesticides, herbicides, or artificial fertilizers. In about 100 days, hemp replenishes the soil where it grows and absorbs more carbon dioxide than trees. Furthermore, nothing is wasted in the hemp production process: roots, seeds, stems, bast fibers, and flowers are used to make over 50,000+ varieties of industrial products.

Our Factories

We respect people as much as we respect the planet. 


Our Fabrics

Custom-dyed 100% Hemp or blended with sustainably grown fibers.

Hemp fiber is one of the strongest and most durable natural textile fibers. Urbane utilizes a variety of hemp textiles which are lightweight but three times the strength of cotton. Not only is hemp durable, but it also holds its shape and color better than any other natural fiber. Our custom dyes are low impact, low energy. non toxic, and AZO free!!

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